Master Dynamic (MD) is an engineering company specializing in the Research & Development of various technologies, including Nanotechnology, Material Analysis and Precision Engineering. MD devotedly focuses on the foresight of its innovative technology development. MD has its fingers in many technology pies, but its core strengths and its solutions are also giving its customer unique and sustained competitive advantages at a high technological threshold.

Our journey

  • 2011MD was formed

  • 2013MD’s 1st invention – Non-magnetic Silicon based hairspring was introduced

  • 2014Began Watch movements technology and product development

  • 2015Developed Covert Laser Readable(CLR) technology and Marking nanotechnology for anti-counterfeit purpose

  • Goldway Technology Limited (GW) was set up to commercialize MD technology into industry specific solutions. One key focus is to provide technical solutions for the diamond and luxury goods industry.

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  • 2016Started developing Product E-customization, RFID, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) related applications

  • 2017Establishment of its 6,000-square-feet Nano Technology Applications Centre (“NTAC”) to house a number of precision facilities such as new optical instruments and electron microscopes

  • Present Introduced Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology on Material Analysis R&D is extended to Data Analysis and A.I., Biomedical and Quantum technologies

  • 2018

    AI Gaspar Limited (AIG) was established to assist client to revolutionize and optimize business strategy, CRM and sales promotion. With Hybrid A.I. technology and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, AIG aims to facilitate clients to create competitive edges and differentiation.

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Key highlights

Filed more than 100 invention patents covering various business areas.
Offices, laboratories and clean rooms in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
More than 130 engineers, software developers and researchers specialized in technology and product development.
Active collaboration with top research institutions worldwide including The Chinese University of Hong Kong, MIT, Harvard University and Ulm University on research projects and co-develop leading technology for target markets

Our beliefs:

We believe in originality, creativity and the future. We are dedicated to create betterment for the world.
We understand the importance of keeping competitive in target markets, we endeavor to deliver advance technologies and products that:
Improve core competency of our customers in terms of market access, customer benefits and difficulty to imitate
Enable customers to create sustainable competitive advantages through product differentiation and technical barrier to entry
Create Game Changer that revolutionizes customer target markets


Co-Foudner & COO

Ian provides leadership in business development, strategy, and operation to the Group companies. Ian leads company technology commercialization process. Under his leadership, MD and group companies have formed strategic partnership with industry leaders such as ARUP, Chow Tai Fook, and Schindler, and have successfully implemented company technology/solutions into partner’s product offerings for respective industry.

Prior to MD, Ian served in various positions including CFO and General Manager at SystemWare Inc. (subsidiary of CACI International, NYSE: CACI), a leading developer of data intelligence and electronic security solutions. Ian holds a MBA degree from Marshall School of Business, USC and M.A. & B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Computing from UCLA.


Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Kong is responsible for research and technology development, and overall company management. Over his 9 years leading the company, Dr. Kong leads a team of 70 engineers, researchers and scientists, and has built Master Dynamic (MD) into a leading Deep Technology company for the biotechnology, diamond & jewelry and smart city industry. MD also set new industry standards that help industry to meet customer and market needs.

He is the driving force and key inventor of over 80 invention patents that MD was granted since 2011. Prior to MD, he was a mechanical engineering and automation professor at CUHK, and also worked at General Electric and Rockwell International Corp. research lab. Dr. Kong holds B.S., M.A. and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA.