Master Dynamic & Group Companies

We have been developing Deep Technology since 2011 and have created a portfolio of Innovative and Disruptive technology & solutions covering AI, anti-counterfeit, biotech, healthcare, material analysis and nanotechnology applications. Our offerings help traditional business to transform, create industry standards and achieve new level of growth, brand loyalty and market dominance

Our team

• HK: 70+ engineers & researchers covering different scientific & engineering disciplines

• China: 10+ engineers & technical staffs

• 80+ granted invention patents

• Proven track records in technology commercialization

• Winner of 2018 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva gold medal and 2020 NVIDIA’s AI Millionaire Challenge

Our technology solutions are embedded and deployed in these industries:

• Diamond and jewelry

• Biotechnology

• Healthcare

• Smart City

Public Health Technology

Public health, defined as "the science and art of preventing disease”, becomes a very hot topic in the world. MD develops and provides different technologies and services to enhance prolonging life and improve quality of life through organized efforts.


With the establishment of its 6,000-square-feet Nano Technology Applications Centre (“NTAC”) in 2017 which houses a number of precision facilities such as new optical instruments and electron microscopes, many ground-breaking developments on material analysis, cancer detection and quantum technology have been done.

Collaborating with Chow Tai Fook (CTF) Jewellery Group, MD has previously successfully developed T MARK, in collaboration with CTF, which features a protruded nano-marking technology on diamond tables and antibacterial nano-coating technology on CTF’s gold jewelry and has obtained a number of invention patents.

Biotech & Healthcare

MD’s reputation for research and development of Diamond technology and its innovation leadership position the Company well for long. In line with its continuous efforts to foster close partnerships with the experts of many internationally well- known institutions such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ulm University, NanoDiamonds technology can be applied in Biotechnology, Biomedical as well as Material Analysis. MD has previously worked with a local university to apply NanoDiamonds technology to healthcare solutions such as cancer diagnosis and successfully helped doctors to identify the location of early-stage tumors.

Nanodiamonds are carbon particles produced by high-energy processing, with a size ranging from 5 to 500 nanometers (Reference: The width of a hair is about 100,000 nanometers). Its morphology is only observable under 20,000 x scanning electron microscope. Nanodiamond has great potential in biomedical applications. Its tiny particle size provides a high surface ratio, making it an effective adsorption and binding agent. It has a variety of functional groups for easy surface modification. It is highly biocompatible and therefore non-toxic to the human body. It is considered a good carrier for drug delivery in medical applications and can also be widely used in many healthcare products.

Material Analysis

Possessing high end analytical technique and top notch in house LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) equipment, MD also provides support in rapid material analysis for the detection of heavy metals, toxins and minerals content in food and industry materials samples.

Our materials analytic solutions are extending to the segments in diamonds, precious stones and jade as well.

Precision Engineering

Silicon hairspring, a key part for watches, is the first major invention of Master Dynamic's.
It is better at withstanding temperature changes, shock and magnetism. Watches made with silicon hairsprings are thus more durable and reliable

At present, only a handful of watch manufacturers have the capability to develop and produce silicon hairsprings. MD is the only manufacturer outside of Switzerland that has mastered this technology, and holds the patent of such technology.

Precious and Fine metal 3D printing technology

MD is capable to produce 1-5 microns fine 3D metal printing with sophisticated design for niche markets usage such as jewellery printing and critical parts for medical segments.