Authentication and Marking

Master Dynamic applied precision engineering prowess to jewelry, we have developed all-new diamond marking and application technology in partnership with Chow Tai Fook (CTF), one of the largest jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the World, for entrenching practice in the diamond business.

The precision engineering technology involves the use of a patented method to create nano-scale marking on diamond surface, The Germological Institute of America (GIA) has certified that the technology does not change the integrity and 4Cs (diamond colour, cut, clarity and carat weight) of a diamond, with the marks on diamond surface, consumers can have better confidence when evaluating diamonds while brand owners can enjoy better brand protection.

Material Analysis

Possessing high end analytical technique and top notch in house LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) equipment, MD also provides support in rapid material analysis for the detection of heavy metals, toxins and minerals content in food and industry materials samples.

Our materials analytic solutions are extending to the segments in diamonds, precious stones and jade as well.

Biomedical Technology

In the process of developing nano-marking on diamond surface, MD discovered that natural diamond is harmless to human body and possesses florescent characteristics. This inspired us to co-develop research studies with Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on nano-diamond bio-labelling technology. When antibodies-bonded nano-diamond powder was injected into human bodies, the powder bonds with cancer cells and displays florescent signals. Such florescence will help doctors to identify tumour location and extensiveness.

This biomedical technology adds values in early detection of gastro-intestinal cancer, and also contributes to improving tumour removal surgery. MD is undertaking more tests with CUHK and hope to take the technology to clinical trial in the near future.

Precision Engineering

Silicon hairspring, a key part for watches, is the first major invention of Master Dynamic's.
It is better at withstanding temperature changes, shock and magnetism. Watches made with silicon hairsprings are thus more durable and reliable

At present, only a handful of watch manufacturers have the capability to develop and produce silicon hairsprings. MD is the only manufacturer outside of Switzerland that has mastered this technology, and holds the patent of such technology.

Precious and Fine metal 3D printing technology

MD is capable to produce 1-5 microns fine 3D metal printing with sophisticated design for niche markets usage such as jewellery printing and critical parts for medical segments.

Smart Retail Solutions

MD has developed different products and technologies to streamline and automate retail operation, enhance customer experience, convert big data into business insight for improving marketing strategy. Our technology and products include,
Covert Laser Readable (CLR) technology

Using a special nano-fabrication technology, MD could customise unique print on a sapphire chip that is highly difficult to imitate. The unique print could only be displayed by special device. This ensures the authenticity of commercial products and acts as a good indicator to distinguish from counterfeit goods.

RFID technology

Smartly paired with RFID tag, individual product details and even production processed could be displayed to customers seamlessly at retail touch points.

Customer Profiling and People Counting

MD also develops artificial intelligence engine to do people profiling for in-shop and in-mall traffics analytics. Age, gender, and satisfaction level of customers will be reported real time for shop layout optimisation purpose.

We also design and develop innovative software (Web, mobile) for CRM, product customization, e-commerce and brand loyalty programs. Different multimedia and animation techniques were used to enhance user experience of our software products, such as web, mobile app, e-commerce, animation and video.