Public Health Technology

Master Dynamic (MD) develops and provides different technologies and services to enhance prolonging life and improve quality of life through organized efforts.

NanoDiamonds Mask

NanoDiamonds are bacteriostatic with the ability to block off and suppress the growth of bacteria and viruses. MD is exploring ways to apply the NanoDiamonds technology to fabric, which may be used to produce breathable and hydrophobic antibacterial filters that can block off, suppress and kill bacteria and viruses. The technology is suitable for producing high-performance antibacterial masks which are the key to prevent diseases.

Prescreening of Melt-blown material as mask filter

Melt blowing is a conventional fabrication method for microfibers and nanofibers. The randomly deposited fibers form a nonwoven sheet product that can be used as the filter of masks. The quality of melt blown nonwoven filter is the key in mask production. MD has the experience to provide pre-screening and analysis of melt-blown material by using our in-house optical instruments, electron microscopes and filtrating testing devices. We conduct melt-blown filter testing according to fabric weight, color, general fiber thickness and pore size range, electrostatic charge strength as well as general filtration rate.