Master Dynamic (MD) applies precision engineering prowess to jewelry and develops all-new diamond marking and application technology.

Marking on Diamond Table Surface

Conventional diamond marking is usually done with a micro-laser beam to etch a microscopic inscription on the diamond girdle, yet it carries no differentiation with other technology and is extremely low cost to reproduce. This implies people without much technical expertise could do so thus provides low values in anti-counterfeit purpose. MD has successfully developed series of avant-garde anti-counterfeit marking technologies which are to etch mark on diamond table surface. The marks created are with nano-size, have high opacity, and do not constitute a visual flaw, nor do they affect the diamond color and clarity grading result.

Ultrafast Laser Diamond Subsurface Marking Service

MD also provides ultrafast laser diamond marking service. This technology uses ultra-fast lasers to depict ultra-fine patterns on the subsurface of diamond with only a few tenths of the width of a hair. This special marking service is ideal for unique brand recognition.