Biotech & Healthcare

Master Dynamic (MD) applies NanoDiamonds technology to medical applications as well as healthcare solutions and products.

Drug Delivery Platform

Nanodiamonds has unique capabilities and expertise in surfacing chemical functions. Their de-aggregation ability releases drugs more effectively to track targeted cancer cells.
Our patented technology utilizes nanodiamonds in combination with a minimum of 17 generic or registered drugs to be delivered to the tumor sites for immediate and efficacious releasing. This extends drug persistence, lower the cost of drugs, and relieve the side effects of anti-cancer drug.
Our highly biocompatible nanodiamonds drug delivery platform is applied to diagnostic and therapeutic of early cancer detection, targeting drug delivery, immunology therapy, and dementia therapy.

Hyperpolarization of MRI Contrasting Agent

Nanodiamonds are nano-carriers which allow physical absorption and tagging of therapeutic species. By combining with cancer cell together, they are able to differentiate between normal and cancer cells for clear tumour position.
Our patented technology utilizes 13C-pyruvate to develop hyperpolarizer for new generation of MRI contrasting agent. This identifies tumour position quickly and accelerates cancer detection.
Our quantum technology and sophisticated engineering is applied to novel traceable imaging from tissue down to cellular level for accurate diagnosis of tumour region and efficient delivery of drug molecules to the target issues in human body.

Antimicrobial Spray

Nanodiamonds have anti-microbial functions. By direct attachment to the bacterial cell wall surface, membrane stress is formed to inhibit metabolic processes and then destroy the barrier.
Our technology utilizes anti-microbial and non-solvent properties of nanodiamonds particles for protective and hygienic purpose. Although there is a coating, nanodiamonds form strong bonds with water which keep the surface refresh and moisture.
Our nanodiamonds coating can hinder growth and reproduction of bacteria and virus effectively. It is applied to seal out surfaces of luxury goods, wearing, and pets from harmful organisms.


Nanodiamonds can be used as antimicrobial agents due to its size, shape, and biocompatibility.
Our technologies utilize the advantage of surface functionalisation and non-cytotoxic nature of nanodiamonds for healthcare purposes, such as wound treatment.
Our healthcare products include nanodiamond mask and sanitizer, which maximize the benefits of nanodiamonds for anti-bacteria in our daily life.